5 Types of TikTok Ads That Work Best for Your Brand

TikTok is an excellent social media application that has introduced its very own advertising platform. As a result, businesses may now utilize it to promote their products and services using this platform.

There is little competition because TikTok ads are still relatively new, and only a few businesses and brands now use them to advertise. Therefore, you can increase the engagement and reach of your video content with the app. Along with engagement rate, you can also buy tiktok views to expand your reach and brand’s authenticity organically.

TikTok’s user base is constantly growing, so it is the right time to do so if you are considering marketing there. Here are the incredible types and benefits of the TikTok advertisements you should use.

Types of TikTok Advertisements

Many alternatives are available if you choose to use paid advertising on TikTok. Here are the five different types of TikTok ad formats you can start advertising with.

  • In-Feed Advertisements
  • Hashtag Challenge Advertisements
  • Spark Advertisements
  • TopView Advertisements
  • Brand Takeover Advertisements

1. In-Feed Advertisements

The most common and known type of advertising on TikTok is In-feed ads. With various creative options, you can include links and CTA buttons, just like Instagram stories. This type of advertisement can be skippable by the users.

You can measure the click-through rate, overall views, watching time, impressions, and engagements created to assess the effectiveness of these advertisements. Brands employ this type of advertisement to create an organic reach with the target audience.

2. Hashtag Challenge Advertisements

Hashtag challenge advertisement attracts users to take a specific activity and tag their videos with relevant hashtags. For instance, the brand Guess started the hashtag #inmydenim, where the users shared photos of themselves wearing the brand’s clothes.

In order to promote this hashtag challenge, users are presented with a banner that directs them to the page with the challenge’s guidelines. In addition, you can measure metrics of clicks, impressions, UGC, and total views for the hashtag challenges.

If you want to perform a hashtag challenge for your brand, you don’t need to start with an advertising campaign. These hashtag challenges are merely helpful choices that can broaden your audience and boost the likelihood of your brand and that it will become viral, but you can also conduct a challenge naturally.

3. Spark Advertisements

Spark advertisement is a popular ad format that allows brands to promote their already-existing videos instead of making a video from scratch. These advertisements have the same look and feel as In-Feed ads. That is because they show up in-feed without interfering with scrolling.

This advertisement, however, can lead users directly to the TikTok account as it will be linked to that. Initially, organic posts are where most of the video viewers, comments, shares, likes, and followers were acquired during a Spark ad promotion. These ads can use the CTA button that sends users to a homepage rather than an account page.

Many brands are widely using this ad format to promote their campaigns. However, since the high competition, aspiring brands can buy tiktok likes to improve their engagement rate legitimately.

4. TopView Advertisements

TopView advertisements are 60 seconds long and will start playing when users open the app. These advertisements stand out from other ads because they auto-play with sound and are full-screened. In addition, users may include the CTA button since this ad format covers your entire screen.

This TopView advertisement on TikTok is among the most traditional because it has a commercial-like feel. Therefore, sometimes there are better options than this ad format if you search for a seamless, natural advertisement. But brands with large advertising budgets are still utilizing this ad format to gain audience attention.

5. Brand Takeover Advertisements

Brand takeover advertisements are created with 3 to 5-second videos (or 3 seconds of image graphics) and direct users to a landing page or hashtag challenges. In this ad format, brands can take over the entire app’s homepage with video clips, GIFs, and images.

This ad format is restricted to one brand by category and day to create this fantastic effect. To further promote the challenge you are running, you may employ them in conjunction with hashtag challenges.

Furthermore, these advertisements are also measured by their click-through rate, unique reach, and impressions. Also, with this ad type, you can use TikViral to boost your social presence and get instant popularity genuinely.

Final Thoughts

TikTok is the ideal advertising tool since it allows you to determine your audience in an extra meaningful and pertinent way. As a result, it is preferable to adjust your ad formats to your audience’s preference and increase your engagement rate effectively. This article is about the different TikTok advertisements you can use to promote your brand using this platform. And what are you waiting for? Choose the right TikTok ad type that works best for your brand and start working on it.