8 Tested Tips to Use Instagram Stories for Your Business

Instagram is an ideal social media application for many brands and businesses to establish new relationships with their audience. Though there are several in-app features, Instagram Stories stand out, as many users utilize this Stories feature to show their unusual and informal side rather than in their regular Instagram feeds.

With 500 million daily active users, this app has become a powerful platform for businesses to improve their recognition and reputation. You can easily promote your business if you discover how to create and use Instagram stories effectively. On top of that, you can also buy instagram story views to increase your visibility in the highly competitive Instagram landscape.

The good thing is that this article provides you with everything required for a compelling Instagram Story. Are you ready to turn your Instagram Stories efforts to the next level? That’s great! Continue reading.

1. Employ Hashtags

Employing hashtags in your Instagram Story will make it easier to reach a wider audience. You can add hashtags to your Story in two simple ways. The first way is to use the hashtag sticker. You can touch the sticker icon at the top of your screen and start typing your hashtag. The second way is to use the # symbol and manually start typing using the text icon. Either way, Instagram will provide a few hashtag suggestions once you begin typing. Your single Stories may contain up to 10 hashtags.

2. Employ Poll Stickers

Who does not enjoy poll surveys? It takes only a moment to participate but results in noticeable outcomes. As a business owner, you can ask a straightforward yes or no question, such as ‘Would you like to purchase this backpack?’ or ‘Would you want this belt in black?’. Users can interact with your brand by tapping an answer, and you can see the outcomes immediately.

3. Employ Product Stickers

Product stickers are used widely to advertise a brand’s specific product. To add this product sticker to your Instagram Story, you should link your Instagram business profile to the Facebook catalog. This product sticker provides a quick method to tag products and attach a link so that viewers can learn more and purchase them straight from your Instagram Story.

4. Employ Question Stickers

You can use the question stickers to get honest and unique responses about your brand. This feature allows you to ask personalized questions and receive the same personalized answers. Along with this feature, buy instagram impressions to expand content reach and make the most out of it organically. In addition, you can add product images or even a selfie with this question sticker to enhance your brand identity.

5. Employ Quiz Stickers

You can employ the quiz stickers by simply demonstrating your brand expertise. For example, through your Instagram Story, you may post a question with several choices and ask your followers to respond by pressing the answer they like. These quiz stickers can encourage user interaction with your brand, and you can monitor the survey’s outcomes.

6. Employ chat Stickers

Just like the Snapchat application, you can use chat stickers to engage users. You can add this chat sticker to your Instagram Story and can choose up to 32 people to join a live conversation right then and there. The topic you decide to start a discussion with should relate to your brand’s new or existing products so that you can smoothly promote your business.

7. Go Live on Story

It is all about engagement when it comes to promoting your product or service. You can go live on the Instagram story and immediately grab your followers’ attention. To start live broadcasting, you must be ready with your smartphone, select the live option, and start talking with your audience. This feature helps to drive more traffic to your profile.

8. Add Stories to the Highlights

After including the above-listed stickers in your Stories, you can save your Stories as a Highlight on your home page. Stories that you save to Instagram Story Highlights will remain there for as long as you like, and it can be a helpful method to consistently share stories that support your brand’s ideals and promote sales, which are awesome. Find out how to add a narrative storyline to the highlights of your own Story. Furthermore, you shall try EarnViews to skyrocket your online growth and get the recognition you deserve.

Summing It Up

To sum up, Instagram Stories is a good choice to spread the word about your business and reach heights. It is now time to utilize your capabilities with these practical tips you’ve learned through this article. Remember that each Instagram Story you post should resonate with your brand or business. Hope this article provides you with all the information you need. Use all these tested tips wisely and enhance your business growth happily. Good Luck!