4 Top Instagram Features to Upgrade Your Business Growth

Did you know that? You can upgrade your business growth using social media applications’ features. Undoubtedly, a big yes! Instagram’s excellent unique features can help you grow your business to the very next level. Instagram is one of the best-known social media applications in the world. The app managed to gain over 2.35 billion active users because of its user-friendliness and excellent inbuilt features.

Instagram never shows a decline sign when it comes to releasing new features. And the very known feature is Instagram Story. As soon as the app rolled out this Story feature, everyone started posting updates to their Story. Well, some users are still struggling to handle this feature. In that case, you can buy instagram story views and increase your content visibility to more viewers.

Aren’t you excited to upgrade your business growth? Then start reading this article to know more about Instagram features. Here are the four Top Instagram features to upgrade your business growth.

#1 Live Feature

The first feature is none other than Instagram Live. Even though this particular feature is not new, the app has recently upgraded the Live stream scheduling option. Users are pleased with this new update. The Live feature is excellent for many brands and businesses as they can easily interact with their dedicated followers in real time.

This feature will help your business to build credibility and show your authenticity to your target audience. As an ambitious business entrepreneur, you can utilize this Live feature to showcase your products and encourage your audience to purchase. What is the most exciting thing about this feature is that your audience can click on the heart icons and show their love for you and your business.

#2 Story Feature

If you are a constant photo or video uploader, this Story feature is for you. With Instagram Stories, you can post as countless times as you want. For example, if you are launching a new product or service, you can post a sneak peek or a mini teaser in your Instagram Story and keep your audience’s excitement level high.

There are plenty of options available once you start exploring the Story feature. You can add captivating captions and exciting stickers to your Story. Take advantage of these stickers and make your Story interactive and engaging.

Other than these animated stickers, you can add music, quiz, question, emoji slider, countdowns, polls, embedded links, hashtags, etc., to make your Instagram Story visually appealing to your audience.

#3 Shopping Feature

Many brands and businesses widely use the shopping feature on Instagram to advertise their products. The Shoppable tags will allow brands and companies to tag their products in their photos. For instance, if you feature a fitness model stretching by wearing your brand’s clothing, you can tag the T-shirt to navigate your users to the product page and buy the T-shirt right away. It would be better to have a good Instagram profile to attract more audiences. If not, you can try BuyRealGramViews and build a solid online presence and shine out from other creators.

Well, the Checkout and Shopping from Creators feature also comes under the Instagram Shopping feature. The Checkout feature lets customers find cherished products and complete their payments without leaving the app. And in the Shopping from Creators feature, you can shop your favorite influencers’ looks by tapping on the dragged products from the creator’s posts within the app.

#4 Reels Feature

Instagram Reels are the best feature so far because this feature is similar to TikTok videos. You can create fun videos on Instagram Reels and share them with your friends and family or anyone on Instagram. The release of this Reels feature has powerfully attracted brands and businesses to market their products on this platform.

Now, the app has recently added several new updates to the Reels feature. You can add up to 60 seconds long and search the Reels using the song or audio. Using this feature, you can remix a reel by including the already existing video and make them into a new Reel. To improve your business growth, you can use this Reels feature to create your own business trend and motivate user-generated content. Along with making alluring Reels, you can buy instagram impressions to reach more audiences organically.

Final Thoughts

The world of social media is moving quickly, so as an ambitious business marketer, you need to keep up with all the new updates to stay ahead of the high competition. Hope this article will help you familiarize yourself with the critical features of Instagram. So without further delay, utilize these excellent features and take your business to an upgraded level. Now, it is all up to you. Leave your thoughts below in the comment section and share your favorite Instagram feature with your fellow readers.